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Pressbooks’ collections hub is a space to find great open textbooks to adopt and/or adapt for the classroom.

Below you’ll find five collections curated by the Pressbooks librarian to celebrate and share examples of excellence in open education. You’ll also see a featured collection that highlights new and important work. All of these books can be found in Pressbooks Directory, an index of over 2,500 free books and other open educational resources.

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Featured collection: Fine Arts

The Fine Arts collection features open educational resources (OER) from across a wide range of disciplines, including art history, film, theatre, visual arts, music, and more. Because fine arts must be experienced to be understood, many of these resources include rich multimedia content to immerse the reader and bring their subjects to life. Embedded videos, music, annotations, flashcards, and other interactive content help guide the reader on an educational journey.

Curated collections

Click on any of these collections to browse open textbooks that are relevant to the topic and a range of blog posts that can help further your understanding of key fields tackled by the open education community.

Learn more about the process of curating these collections in our librarian’s blog post.

High enrollment

Open textbooks designed for large introductory courses

Language learning icon
Language learning

Open and interactive books for learning languages.

Interactive OER

OER that has been enhanced with H5P elements like quizzes and flashcards


Free educational resources for students in healthcare-related fields like nursing, pharmacology, and much more

Open Education

Excellent resources for open education practitioners of all kinds—librarians, educators, administrators, students, and support staff

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