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Pressbooks’ suite of products makes it easy to create, adapt, and share educational material.

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Search over 4,000 public books created with Pressbooks.


Write and adapt content with a full tool box of features developed with educators in mind.

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Connect interactive textbooks directly to your learning management system (LMS) gradebook for a seamless online learning experience.

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See a gap in openly licensed material? Author new content to fill a need and support your students’ affordable learning.


Will you be assigning an open textbook made with Pressbooks? Edit it to suit your classroom context.


Ready to make a splash? Share your content with a wider audience so others around the world can benefit.

Pressbooks Directory

You have to start your open journey somewhere. Browse our directory of over 4,000 books. Use Pressbooks Create to clone content from the directory and adapt it for your course.

Pressbooks in higher education

“Pressbooks has become the standard. Open source software makes a huge difference philosophically.”

Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

“We have seen measurable increase in student savings, open pedagogy and open research practices since we have implemented Pressbooks. It is a delight to be able to answer faculty questions regarding accessibility, customizability, and collaboration as part of the PressbooksEdu community. A common response is ‘I can really do all that?’ as they explore ways to use Pressbooks to increase their connection with students and improve their students’ learning experience. I enjoy being able to say yes. Yes, my friend, you can.”

Kathy Essmiller, Oklahoma State University

“Pressbooks helps straighten the learning curve for educators writing open textbooks. It eases many of the tricky formatting issues, allowing educators to concentrate on curating content and setting the context for their course resources. Built on the power of WordPress, it continues to harness plugins that enhance learning and empower educators.”

Peggy French, eCampusOntario

“It’s the community of folks working on the codebase, and working with OER inside of Pressbooks, that makes it a solid choice for us to begin our own OER initiative with.”

Billy Meinke-Lau, University of Hawaii

“Pressbooks was by far the best option. It’s the only thing out there in this highly specialized field.”

Michael Shiflet, Ohio State University

“Roger Williams University has been extremely happy with our subscription to PressbooksEDU. It allows our faculty to easily create, adapt, and share instructional materials with our students and other educators. We especially love incorporating interactive assessments using H5P right into the resources! Our students love that they have perpetual access to free learning materials in formats that work for their accessibility needs.”

Lindsey Gumb, Roger Williams University