Pressbooks is simple book production software. Write your own book on Pressbooks, or import an existing manuscript, choose a book design theme, and export into all the file formats you need to publish your books:

  • designed PDF (the “interior book file” for print-on-demand)
  • MOBI format (for Kindle ebooks)
  • EPUB format (for all other ebookstores)
  • more exotic XML formats

Pressbooks is used by educational institutions around the world as well as authors and publishers.

The easiest way to use Pressbooks is to sign up at Pressbooks.com and just get started. Here is a 4-step guide to making a book with Pressbooks.

Pressbooks EDU

Would you like us to host a standalone Pressbooks installation for your organization? Contact us for information and pricing.

Pressbooks open source

We suggest you use Pressbooks.com or a hosted system, but if you are a developer and want to set up your own instance of Pressbooks, you can find installation information for the open source project at Pressbooks.org.

Who is using Pressbooks?

Pressbooks simplifies book production and dramatically lowers the cost of publishing a book for publishers and authors alike. Here’s who’s using Pressbooks:

  • Authors who want an easy way to make a book and get it into print-on-demand and ebook stores
  • Small and medium publishers looking for more efficient workflows, and digital-first publishing
  • Open Access advocates and Open Textbook programs
  • Universities, producing textbooks, syllabi, and other educational resources
  • University professors, making materials for their classes.
  • Non-profits, producing reports and documents

Where is Pressbooks?

Pressbooks is based in  Montreal, Canada.

Contact us for more information:
e. support@pressbooks.com
tw. @pressbooks
fb: @pressbooks2
blog. blog.pressbooks.com