About us

We are a small team that builds software to support new models for book publishing. We are passionate about open source, open content, open knowledge, open education, and the intersection of books and the web. Over the past decade, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations publish thousands of free and openly licensed educational books.

Pressbooks got its start in Montreal, but our team today is fully remote, working across Canada, the United States, and beyond.

Our goals

We started small but we have big dreams. While Pressbooks is a versatile tool with myriad applications, it has grown into the preferred platform for open educational publishing programs. There was a need for an easy-to-use platform on which to create professional educational content in an open and ethical way, and we responded.

Today, we want to drive the open publishing movement by partnering with institutions of higher education around the world. We help our partners compete with large commercial publishers, while supporting their immediate need to get accessible educational content into the hands of students. As we lead the open movement, we will remain good listeners and good actors. We will keep developing products and services that do good in the world. We will be your partner in open publishing.

Our values

Pressbooks’ tools are developed with educators in mind and so are our business, communications strategy, and team. We’ve looked at the challenges facing higher education institutions and shaped our company accordingly.

We take our values seriously. They aren’t just words we chose to present an ethical image. We wanted a set of guiding principles to help us make the right choices to deliver the best solutions for our users, solving real problems in their lives.

Learn more about our accessibility commitments.


We take a “design for the margins” approach, making software and supporting content that everyone can use.


We believe that context matters, so we enable faculty to adapt and edit content for any students.


We aren’t robots, nor are our users. We use our hearts and our brains to find solutions that work for you.


We play well with others! No software exists in a vacuum. That’s why we take interoperability seriously.


We support knowledge producing institutions, and respect user and academic freedom.

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Meet our team

Hugh McGuire

Founder & CEO

Başak Büyükçelen


Julie Curtis

Julie Curtis

VP Strategy & Growth

Senior Infrastructure Consultant

Christopher Murtagh

VP Technology

Steel Wagstaff

Customer Experience (CX) Lead

Ricardo Aragón

Lead Developer

John McLeod, account manager

John McLeod

Account Executive & Sales Team Lead

Technical Support and Documentation Specialist Thomas Weideman

Thomas Weideman

Support Team Lead & QA Tester

Oscar Arzola

Release Manager

Ho Man Chan

DevOps Engineer & Full-Stack Developer

Portrait of Sandra Chindalo

Sandra Chindalo

Account Executive

Felipe Dalcin

Full-Stack Developer

Portrait of Caroline Johnson

Caroline Johnson

Financial Administrator

Elsie Kluvia

Executive Assistant

Jenn Martin, Manager of Content Marketing

Jenn Martin

Manager of Content Marketing

Orit Naim pery, Manager of Digital Marketing

Orit Naim Pery

Manager of Digital Marketing

Darrin Sabourin

Account Executive

Portrait of Mich Spieler

Mich Spieler

Customer Support Specialist

Michelle Weremczuk

UX/UI Designer

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