Because books create possibilities, there’s Pressbooks

Pressbooks is the versatile, user-friendly publishing platform educators rely on to create, adapt, and share accessible, interactive, web-first books.

We partner with organizations to support open education initiatives, institutional publishing programs, curriculum development projects, and more.

Who’s using Pressbooks?

Hundreds of organizations use Pressbooks to create quality, accessible books and learning materials. Click on these links to see what Pressbooks makes possible.

One platform. Many possibilities.

Organizations use Pressbooks’ versatile publishing platform to support student success and other strategic priorities: textbook affordability, digital learning innovation, accessibility, inclusion, student engagement, and more.

Open Education

Create, share, adapt, and manage open educational resources (OER).

JUNTXS introductory Spanish textbook cover

Interactive Learning

Make accessible, interactive digital content to engage students and increase learning.

Diversity & Inclusion

Invite diverse voices and perspectives to be represented in your curriculum.

Environmental ScienceBites Vol. 2 cover

Open Pedagogy

Power authentic learning with open pedagogy and student co-creation projects.

Inclusive Events and Programming Guide cover

Institutional Publishing

Support and maintain institutional publishing projects, programs, and collaborations.

Success Stories

Hundreds of organizations use Pressbooks to create quality, accessible books and learning materials. Learn more about how Pressbooks has helped state and provincial educational organizations, community college systems, and individual universities to accomplish their publishing goals.

“Anything that improves student learning is something I’m proud of. Helping students succeed with better and more accessible learning materials is something for our faculty to be proud of too.”

Debbie Baker, OER Coordinator, Maricopa County Community College District

“The biggest problem that Pressbooks has helped us solve is providing a consistent platform for users to create content with, no matter what technical level they are at. The team at Pressbooks really thinks about the user; I can see it so clearly as both an administrator and a user.”

Mary Gu, Programs Lead, eCampusOntario

“Real empowerment comes when students and faculty become co-creators of content. When you allow students to work alongside you and to provide information along with you in a platform like Pressbooks.”

Dr. Michael Mills, Vice President of the Office of E-Learning, Innovation and Teaching Excellence (ELITE)