EDU Procurement Helpers

As you embark on the procurement process for PressbooksEDU, we want to support you. Here are some frequently requested documents you may wish to review and share with colleagues when considering a PressbooksEDU subscription.

What we do

Want a more in depth description of our company, products, and services? Check out our “Company Overview” and feel free to pass it around.

“Short Company Overview” in PDF

“Long Company Overview” in PDF

EDU Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy applies to hosted PressbooksEDU networks.

EDU privacy policy in PDF

Sample EDU Agreement

You can view a sample agreement / terms of service for our SaaS-hosted PressbooksEDU clients.

Sample agreement in PDF


EDUCAUSE offers a tool for assessing the risk of third-party vendors operating in Higher Education called the HECVAT, which stands for Higher Education Community Vendor Assessment Toolkit. If you would like to see a completed HECVAT questionnaire for PressbooksEDU, please ask one of our sales representatives.

Talk to a sales representative for more help