Collection: High Enrollment

Featuring open books on a variety of subjects, this collection highlights introductory textbooks for high enrollment classes. All of these books can be adopted and remixed for any class, and because they are so foundational, many of these books already have several adaptations. We can’t wait to see this collection grow!

High Enrollment

We found these introductory open textbooks using Pressbooks Directory, an index of free and public books made with Pressbooks.

Many students in a lecture hall, facing a large screen

Open textbooks for big student populations

High enrollment classes are most often introductory and required prerequisites for degree completion. They can also be dual enrollment classes, with highschool seniors participating. When a faculty member contributes their time and expertise to a high enrollment open textbook, they’re helping a massive number of students. With the power of open licenses, those contributions multiply with every adaptation. We think that’s worth celebrating.

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