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Hello Writers and Publishers, This month, the Pressbooks tool gets even better for academic publishing, plus we offer a 30% off special on POD exports.

  1. 30% off PDF pro upgrades
  2. Creative Commons licensing
  3. Bug fixes: ebook paragraph settings
  4. Multi-level TOCs
  5. User profile: Fortress Press
  6. Featured partner: Screwpulp
  7. Are you a teacher? We’d like to talk.
  8. Highlighting books built on Pressbooks …

1. 30% discount on PDF upgrades

If you’re planning to publish soon, now’s the time to upgrade your book to a premium package. Through Sunday, Aug. 24, we’re offering a discount on PDF packages. Get 30% off using the code AUGPDF. To redeem:

  • Send an email to ;
  • include the link (web address) to the book you would like to upgrade;
  • add the discount code in the subject line.

2. One-click Creative Commons licensing

Now it’s easy to add a Creative Commons “copyleft” license to your book in Pressbooks. This enables you to dictate the extent to which others can share the content you’ve created, and the extent to which they should credit you. Adding licensing information (even if you choose traditional copyright) will also make your book more likely to pass through review for publication in Smashwords. Go to Book Information from the Dashboard and use the dropdown menu to specify your preferred license. There are eight options in Pressbooks, including six CC licenses. Learn more about Creative Commons licenses here.

3. Bug fixed in EPUB/MOBI exports

We’ve had reports for a while that the Ebook Theme Option “skip lines between paragraphs” wasn’t working. It is now! Please let us know if it continues to be a problem.

4. Multilevel table of contents

We have a new feature that allows you to add a second level to your table of contents (helpful for textbooks and non-fiction). More info here.

5. User profile: Fortress Press

Fortress Press has published dozens of books on Pressbooks in the last two years. Find out how they used Pressbooks to overhaul production processes, produce ebooks and print books simultaneously, and enhance their bottom line.

6. Featured partner: Screwpulp

This month, we wanted to send a shout out to the good folks at Screwpulp, an ebook market you should add to your list when ready to publish. Screwpulp has one mission: to ensure no good book goes unread. Their reader-driven pricing system rewards early adopters with low prices and bestselling authors with higher revenue. It’s also a great place to find new indie books to read.

7. Calling all teachers

Are there any teachers using Pressbooks? We’d like to talk to you about a project we’re working on…would you have a few minutes to talk? If you are interested, please contact:

8. Highlighting books built on Pressbooks …

As always, feel free to contact us anytime with feedback or questions at All the Best, Hugh & the PressBooks gang. — email: twitter: @pressbooks facebook: @pressbooks2 web: