Kobo PressBooks Workshop

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We are teaming up with our friends at Kobo to run a “let’s get (e)published” workshop for authors, publishers, and anyone else interested in making books in the digital age. We’re running this first event in Montreal, but we expect to do similar events in Toronto and New York soon enough!

We’ll start off with some info about PressBooks, the simple (e)book production tool, and Kobo Writing Life — self-publishing portal of the ebookstore Kobo.

Workshop: From Manuscripts to EPUB to Kobo Store

But then the fun begins: writers are encouraged to bring finished manuscripts in Word, and their laptops. The objective of the evening is to get some books from manuscript format, into finished ebooks, and up into the Kobo store — all during the evening event. You’re not required to publish your book during the workshop, of course, but you get extra points if you do.


Where: Notman House, 51 sherbrooke west

When: August 22, 5pm-7pm-ish.

Register: here (it’s free!)