The 24 Hour Book: Willow Pattern

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if:book australia just completed a 24 Hour Book, with 9 writers, written & produced on PressBooks in … 24 hours. The PressBooks output of a typeset PDF was sent to an Espresso Book Machine at Harvard, and a printed and bound version (as well as EPUB and PressBooks  Web versions) was available before the clock struck midnight (Brisbane time).

Says if:book:

Well, it’s been a crazy race around the clock face for the team here at if:book Australia. Nine writers, ten editors, one designer, a slew of bloggers, volunteers and coffee-bringers, and PressBooks, one amazing digital publishing platform, and somehow we have managed to produce a book. Not just write and edit one, but design and publish it in print and ebook form in 24 hours. A little less than 24 hours actually.

Here is the printed/bound book appearing before the hour-24 mark, out of an EBM at Harvard:

Willow Pattern - 24 Hour Book built on PressBooks and EBM

Willow Pattern - 24 Hour Book built on PressBooks


You can read a bit more about the project, and how to find the book here.