Self-publishing, ebooks and FREE PressBooks Upgrades

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The fabulous Emily Craven asked me to do a blog post for the relaunch of her website, the E-Book Revolution.

As part of the promotion for the launch, we’re offering a couple of free PressBooks Upgrades to lucky commenters on the post. So, get ye to Emily’s website & check it out, and leave a comment.

Here’s the start of what I have to say over there:

I got seriously involved in the ebook revolution in the winter of 2009. The Kindle was a big clunky device only a couple of years old, Apple’s iPad hadn’t been released yet, and a little company called Stanza had built a beautiful ebook reader for the iPhone. Ebook sales globally were maybe 1.5% of the market, a tiny spec and not very meaningful, but starting to grow. There was an awful lot of opinion about what “publishing” should do, a boatload of uncertainty, and a wide-open vista mixed with an equal measure of enthusiasm and terror. One thing seemed sure though: ebooks would mean that self-publishing would take off, and traditional publishing would have to adapt or face the consequences.

The dust settles, sort of!

Five years later, things have settled down. The future isn’t exactly clear, but the present is pretty settled, and two things have happened, one expected, the other not so much.

What are those developments? You’ll have to visit Emily’s site to find out!