New Email Course: Formatting Your Book With Pressbooks

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One of the biggest expenses authors face when they publish independently is graphic design and ebook development, which can cost up to $1,700.

However, you can save all but $99 of this budget line item, and still have a professional-caliber book that is elegantly formatted and meets all the specifications required by ebookstores and print-on-demand, when you use Pressbooks to format your book.

Pressbooks is easy to use, but we’re often asked for help getting started.

To this end, we’ve designed a 4-day email course that will show you how to format your book using the Pressbooks platform, in just four simple steps.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Structure and organize your book

  • Import your manuscript text into Pressbooks

  • Apply and customize a design (or theme) to your book

  • Use our cover generator to generate ebook and print book covers
  • Export your book files for submission to ebookstores and print-on-demand

This course will walk you through the basic steps necessary to generate the files you need to publish your book in ebookstores and print-on-demand.

This email course is free.

Update: The signup link to this course has been removed.