Looking for a CSS-magician.. for EPUB/Web/Print

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Are you great at building EPUB CSS? How about Web? PDF? Maybe you can build some templates for PressBooks? If so, we’d like to pay you!

Details: background

PressBooks is an open source book production platform, built on top of WordPress.

We provide PressBooks users with book design templates, which are comprised of three (3) CSS sheets, one each for:

  • epub (+mobi)
  • web
  • print/pdf (note: you’ll have sample PDF CSS to start from)

Details: the job

We are looking for a supplier (or suppliers) of templates (EPUB/Web/PDF), to match/echo existing PDF book layouts.

Details: what you need to be able to do

Suppliers must be able to:

  • install and run PressBooks (basically a WP multisite)
  • run on a linux-based system (ideally ubuntu)
  • install a couple of required command-line components
  • match clear specs exactly
  • test ebook outputs
  • use github

We will provide:

  • clear design specs
  • existing CSS templates (EPUB/Web/PDF) as models for required output


Send us an email to:, with subject: “Great PressBooks CSS” …