Introducing the Rogue Reader

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Very exited today for the (soft) launch of The Rogue Reader, a new kind of publishing enterprise, run by Jason Ashlock, and powered completely by PressBooks.

The whole thing is running on a dedicated PressBooks network: front-end customizable WordPress, back-end book production on PressBooks… with the PressBooks books hooking right into the front-end catalog.

We have a few more key things to build (ecommerce!), and this is just a first cut, but this is the first real example of what I think PressBooks *should* be used for. Check it out!

The Rogue Reader is your destination for original, outsider suspense fiction. We showcase authors with big talent and even bigger scores to settle, and offer you a venue to connect and vent with them and with other rogue readers like you.

Would you like to set up your own “Rogue Reader” ? Send us an email, let’s talk: