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Introducing Pressbooks Directory

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Enabling the 5Rs with a powerful tool for searching and sharing books

When Pressbooks educational product manager Steel Wagstaff heard from a long time client, “I wish there was a single place where all Pressbooks content could be found,” a proverbial apple hit him on the head. It would be really nice to have a directory of all public books created by the generous, smart, and resourceful faculty and librarians who use Pressbooks. The community of Pressbooks users is a powerful force that can solve many of the challenges facing higher education. What if we harnessed that power in one directory? And so the Pressbooks Directory was born.

The Pressbooks Directory is free for anyone to use. 

Instructors, librarians, administrators, and even students can search thousands public books created on the Pressbooks Authoring & Editing Platform. The Directory includes public domain literature, CC BY open textbooks, and a vast variety of open educational resources (OER) published all along the license spectrum. More resources are added every day as Pressbooks users continue to do the good work of open education. 

The Pressbooks Directory works by collating public books created on PressbooksEDU networks and allowing users to search the metadata written by the authors of the books. Search by natural language and/or use faceted search to filter books by subject, license, network, language, publisher, word count, number of H5P activities, and more. Depending on the license chosen by the author of the text, users of the Directory can download books, and if they’re using the Pressbooks Authoring & Editing Platform, clone content and adapt it for any classroom. 

Find books like these on Pressbooks Directory

Marking Open and Affordable Courses

Edited by Sarah Hare, Jessica Kirschner, and Michelle Reed

Introduction to Philosophy

Series edited by Christina Hendricks of University of British Columbia

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