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We’ve Made the Cover Generator Better!

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Many print-on-demand suppliers (including IngramSpark) request that cover images be at least 300DPI. To ensure that our cover generator is creating covers that meet this requirement, we have added a check during the image upload process that will verify whether your image is large enough to export at the right resolution for your trim size.

Now, before you upload your cover image to the generator, you will need to check that it is the right size. To do so, first, add .125 to the top, right side and bottom of your front cover dimensions. So, the front cover for a 6×9 trim size book would be 6.125×9.25. Then take that and multiply it by 300 (to give 300 pixels per inch), e.g.

(6.125 x 9.25in) x 300 = 1838 x 2775 pixels

If your image is not large enough, or has the wrong width to height ratio, the uploader will give you an error message with the dimensions your file needs to meet.

Creating an ebook cover, or not submitting to Ingram? Don’t worry, we’ve left a loophole so you can circumvent these restrictions if you need to. Instead of uploading your image in the cover generator, go to your media library first and add the image there. Then, when you go to add your image in the cover generator, select the cover image from the media library rather than uploading the file again.

If you run into any trouble with this, please contact us by emailing