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Hello and Happy July,

Have you written any great books lately? We hope so, and we’re always trying to make PressBooks a better platform for publishing those great books. In this quick Newsletter you’ll find some new features, and a couple of interesting Open Access projects, from Duke University Press, and University of Minnesota Press.


  1. New Book Home Page
  2. Privacy Settings
  3. PressBooks Catalog Page
  4. Open Access Projects

1. New Book Home Page

We’ve redesigned the “book home page” … to be a fantastic advertisement for your book. Here’s an example of what this page looks like now, from

Book Home Page

Book Home Page

You can find your book’s homepage by typing into your browser:

And you can read more about the new Book Homepages on our blog.

2. Privacy Settings

In conjunction with making a beautiful book home page, we’ve made it easier for you to make samples of your book available, with privacy settings now managed on your Text>Organize interface. See more about the new privacy settings on the PressBooks blog.

3. Book Catalog

We’ve also added a “Book Catalog” page — a (optional) public home page for all your PressBooks books.

PressBooks Catalog Page

PressBooks Catalog Page

See more about the PressBooks Catalog feature on our blog.

4. Open Access Projects

What else is new? There are couple of great open access book project on PressBooks recently, both free to read online:

  • Speculate This!, by uncertain commons (Duke University Press)
    “The future has been bundled, defined, and sold by speculators. “Speculate This!” reclaims speculation as a creative force.”
  • Off the Network, by Ulises Ali Mejias (University of Minnesota Press)
    “Critiques how the Internet, social media, and the digital network change users’ understanding of the world.”

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