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New Feature: “Before Title Page” Content

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Our book outputs follow the content order of the Chicago Manual of Style, which specifies:

  • (PDF-only) Half-title page:  JUST the title of the book – no author or subtitle
  • Title page: Title, subtitle, author, publisher, publisher city
  • Copyright page
  • (Optional) Dedication
  • (Optional) Epigraph
  • Table of contents
  • (Optional) Front-matter: pages including: Introduction, Preface, Foreword etc.
  • Main body: chapters of the book.
  • (Optional) Back-matter: pages including: Conclusion, Bibliography, Index etc.

Sometimes, however, you want something before the title page, such as a list of previous books by the author, or “praise for” the book or previous books.

So, we’ve added a new Front-matter type: “Before Title Page” … which will insert content before the title page… in PDF and ebook outputs.

To use:

  1. Add new front-matter
  2. Select “Before Title Page” Front-matter Type
  3. Publish!

And… you should get the content appearing before the title page. Email us with questions:

See below for an image:

Adding content before the title page

Adding content before the title page