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PressBooks Design Principles & Objectives

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I gave a presentation yesterday, at the Berlin Publisher Forum, talking about the design principles behind PressBooks, and our objectives (see slides below).

Three Design Principles underpinning PressBooks

  1. PressBooks should be easy for anyone to use (even me).
  2. Input text once / output in every format: EPUB, MOBI, WEB AND PRINT.
  3. The web will win in the end (and future-proofing your workflow now is a good idea).

Three Objectives for PressBooks (or, what shall we do with our Design Principles?)

  1. (Short-term) Allow anyone to make a beautiful book.
  2. (Medium term) Make PressBooks the best book publishing tool in the world.
  3. (Long term) Bring the stuff of books onto web, into the network.

And … the slides:

PressBooks: Design Principles & Objectives from Hugh McGuire