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Pressbooks Plugin Now Open Source

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Free at last! The Pressbooks plugin is now free/open source software.

We’ve been promising this for a while, and today it is a reality: PressBooks, the CMS for books, is released as a free software/open source plugin, under a GPL v2.0 license.


About Using the Plugin (requirements/dependencies)

  • !!!IMPORTANT!!! The PressBooks plugin is built to be used with a fresh install of WordPress Multisite. It should NOT be used with an existing WordPress blog.
  • PressBooks requires PHP 5.4.x and WordPress 3.5.1 or greater.
  • In order to export to PDF, PressBooks requires that you install PrinceXML (or an alternate PDF engine). Prince is not free software.

Why We Went Open Source

For book publishing to evolve to fully embrace digital, we need open tools that allow for experimentation with new technologies, and new models, business and otherwise.

We are building PressBooks to be the best tool with which to explore this future.

In the mean time, we are also making PressBooks the best tool right now for making ebooks and print books (and webbooks!).

About PressBooks

PressBooks is a book CMS that outputs: webbooks, typeset PDFs, EPUB and MOBI, and a growing handful of more exotic XML formats. All outputs (including PDF) are driven by CSS. PressBooks is a plugin to be used with a fresh install of WordPress Multisite (and not with an existing WordPress blog). The PressBooks plugin is released as Free/Open Source Software under the GPL v2.0 license.


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