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Dac is back!

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Dac is back!

Dac is back!

Big news at Pressbooks headquarters: Dac is back!

Dac Chartrand worked in the early days of Pressbooks (taking over from the also-awesome Janina Szkut), and did a huge job of re-architecting the system back in 2011, in particular moving Pressbooks from a LaTeX based PDF output system (ouch!) to an all-HTML+CSS system, including PDF. Yay, web technologies!

Dac’s fingerprints are all over the Pressbooks codebase, and though he’s been gone for a couple of years now (at two local fashion startups: Frank & Oak, then SSENSE), we’re very happy to have him back with us.

Dac has re-joined Pressbooks as a Senior Developer, and will be working with our Lead Dev, Ned Zimmerman and the rest of the team as we continue to try to change the way people make, and think about books, and Open Textbooks. Dac will be working on the Pressbooks development roadmap, and making improvements to lots of nooks and crannies of Pressbooks and

Dac’s arrival also beefs up our team’s experimental drum & bass production chops, which were sorely lacking, if we are honest about things.

Anyway, Dac: we’re excited to have you back on board, and very excited about the progress we’ll make on Pressbooks in the coming year.