Pando Daily on PressBooks

From the Pando Daily: What does an open-source book publishing platform look like? We’re about to find out What both the New York Times and PressBooks are showing is that our understanding of what constitutes an ebook is only in its infancy. If an open-source approach can, Firefox-like, push innovation in publishing further, our current more →

PressBooks Going Open Source

PressBooks is going open source. We will be releasing PressBooks as a WordPress plugin (to be used on a stand-alone WordPress install), under the open source GPL license, target release date: end of January, 2013. See below for more info, and some answers to questions you might have. And please get in touch if you’d like to know more →

Askmen launches ebook program on PressBooks

We are delighted to announce that AskMen, the No. 1 men’s lifestyle magazine online, has launched an ebook publishing program with the PressBooks Publisher platform — which provides a public-facing book catalog/website, along with ebook book production. When we got started with PressBooks, one thing that excited us most was the idea of new book publishers (not more →