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Pressbooks online book publishing software creates the files you need to publish your books and ebooks: PDF for print and print-on-demand including Amazon’s createspace; ebooks including MOBI for Kindle book publishing, and EPUB for Apple’s iBooks, Nook, Kobo and others. All your books can be managed from one simple Web-based platform. We work with small and medium-sized publishers, as well as individual authors and writers, who want an efficient way to make an ebook or print book — with no design or coding skills required.


Beautiful Outputs.

PressBooks does the work to make sure your books look beautiful. We spend our time building beautiful designs so you don’t have to. Our designs suit all kinds of books: we’ve designed for novels, memoirs, nonfiction, academic texts, white papers, literary journals, text books and more. We are constantly adding new designs, and can build custom templates to your specifications. So, if we are missing something you need, let us know.

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Tested on all kinds of devices.

PressBooks designers test our outputs on all kinds of devices. First, we make sure PDF outputs for print and print-on-demand look great. Then we test on all kinds of ebook devices including: Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle DX, Kindle Fire, Kindle for iPhone, Kindle for iPad, Apple iBooks (on iPad and iPhone), Kobo on Android, Kobo eink, Kobo on iPhone and iPad, Nook Touch and Nook Color, Alkido, Bluefire, Readmill, and more. Yes, that’s a long list. And we'll take care of it.

How We Test EPUBs at PressBooks

Easy web interface.

PressBooks has a simple online writing tool that is easy to use — for publishers, production managers, editors and authors. The interface gives you complete control over workflow and updates. You can import from other formats such as a Word document or your blog. Or you and any contributors can work directly in PressBooks. You just set-up the information about your book, add or import your content, and export. Need to update the content in your book? No problem. Typo? Fix it and re-export. Forgot to add the Dedication? Add it and export again.

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Full-service conversion.

PressBooks is easy to use, but you might want someone else to do the heavy lifting. We can help with our full service conversion service: send us your manuscript and we’ll return to you your PDF, EPUB and MOBI files. Contact us and let us know what you need.

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What people say about PressBooks

PressBooks has been great for our digital singles publishing program. Its easy input and multiple outputs have given us a quicker way to produce content for our readers.

- Ania Wieckowski, Managing Editor, Harvard Business Review Press @agwieckowski

A tool like PressBooks, that efficiently and consistently outputs the files you need when you need them takes a major part of waste off the table and allows it to be refocused on the things that really matter.

- Will Bergkamp, Publisher & General Manager, Augsburg Fortress Publishers

I’m very impressed with PressBooks’ Full-Service Conversion. The turnaround was fast, the results polished, and the service exceptional. They tweaked the design templates so we got exactly what we needed.

- Trena White, Principal, PageTwo Strategies @trenawhite

I can't say enough good things about PressBooks . I highly recommend them.

- Brendan Halpin @bhalpin

Consider me officially impressed!

- Rob Clements, Publisher, Clements Publishing Group

One of the coolest and most interesting WordPress-based projects just keeps getting better

- Kirk Wight @kwight

PressBooks is still one of my fave tools to recommend to self-pub authors.

- Jane Friedman @JaneFriedman

But I've really come to love PressBooks. It's just wonderful.

- Alexis C. Madrigal @alexismadrigal

We've used pretty well every tool available for creating ebooks and PressBooks is the fastest and easiest. Most of all, the ebooks we export are beautiful and work perfectly on every device we've tested.

- Adriel Brunson, Producer, Star's Edge International