5 Digital Skills You Need to Self-Publish a Book, and 2 You Don’t

If you’ve never had to do anything but write, the other aspects of publishing a book–marketing, distribution, etc.–can be unknown, scary territory. But the ability to market your book, and market it digitally, is necessary territory…even if you go through a conventional publisher (who is unlikely to set up your author website, ghost-blog on your behalf in perpetuity or manage your

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Writing the Book on Your Family History

By Kassie Ritman, Guest Contributor When family gathers, the stories start flying. Storytelling and family history sharing is like glue bonding our families together. I’ll bet you’ve overheard the remark “maybe someone should write that down” more than once. So why not do it? Recording your family stories in written form and turning them into

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Book Marketing 101: How to Create an Author Website in WordPress

I’m about to save you thousands of dollars. This is the step-by-step I keep meaning to write for my writer colleagues, to save them from being dependent on someone else to create their author website/blog. I plan to make this a series of posts on the easiest / fastest / cheapest ways to create a modern-looking author website even if

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Self-Publishing Help: Tips on Book Publishing, Marketing and More

Have questions about the publishing process? These new Pressbooks resources will help.  The Illustrated Guide to Self-Publishing Need help understanding self-publishing, and where Pressbooks fits in? Here’s our visual guide to the self-publishing process.  How to Turn Your Blog Into a Book  Repurposing Web content into book form adds value and convenience for your audience. Here’s how to

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Infographic: How to Self-Publish Your Blog as a Book

Last week, we wrote about best practices for creating a book from your blog. Now, we’ve compiled that information into a handy infographic, The Pressbooks Illustrated Guide to Turning Your Blog Into a Book. Find this infographic useful and want to keep it around for reference? You can download and print these tips as a PDF.

Author Sujata Massey on Independent Publishing

Sujata Massey is the author of the Rei Shimura mystery series, which includes her latest book, The Kizuna Coast. Having worked with traditional publishers and self-published several of her books, Massey has great advice for indie authors on independent publishing, book marketing and strategies for getting a book into bookstores, libraries and reviews. You have a new

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Digital Publishing 101: How and Why to Go Blog to Book

You work hard to produce regular content for your blog and website. So why not get maximum return from your investment of time, money and energy? Give your blog a second life by repurposing (some of) it into book form. Here’s how to do it. Why You Should Turn Your Blog Into a Book First, come up

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Indie Author Ashley Fontainne on How She Writes a Book

Bestselling indie author Ashley Fontainne is well-known for her suspenseful thrillers.  Her paranormal thriller entitled The Lie won the GOLD medal in the 2013 Illumination Book Awards for fiction/suspense and is also in production for a feature film entitled Foreseen. And in January, she released her Southern Gothic horror/suspense novel, Growl. Fontaine was kind enough to share her best

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Why can’t we read anymore? (Post on Medium)

I wrote something last week that might be of interest to you, a piece about my efforts to wean myself from digital overload & start reading books again. “Why can’t we read anymore? (Or, Or, can books save us from what digital does to our brains?)” It starts out like this: Last year, I read

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The Pressbooks Illustrated Guide to Self-Publishing

Self-publishing doesn’t have to be complicated or cost a fortune. Here’s a quick, visual overview of the six steps you’d need to take to self-publish your book on a shoestring.   Want to print this guide for reference? Download a PDF version of the Pressbooks Illustrated Guide to Self-Publishing.