Book Smarts: Academic publishing resources and inspiration, plus discounted PDF exports

Book Smarts Hello Writers and Publishers, This month, the Pressbooks tool gets even better for academic publishing, plus we offer a 30% off special on POD exports. 30% off PDF pro upgrades Creative Commons licensing Bug fixes: ebook paragraph settings Multi-level TOCs User profile: Fortress Press Featured partner: Screwpulp Are you a teacher? We’d like more →

Religious Scholarship Publisher Fortress Uses Pressbooks

Marissa Wold is senior project manager at Augsburg Fortress Publishers, managing the production process for a large line of print and ebook titles annually. Two years ago Fortress used Pressbooks to streamline its production process, shifting 81 percent of its titles from traditional typesetting to Pressbooks. Q. Why did you choose to use Pressbooks instead of more →

How Publisher Ben Macklin Uses Pressbooks

For the past two years, Ben Macklin’s company, father-and-son venture BWM Books, has been helping published authors give new life to their out-of-print and unpublished works by self-publishing them in ebook and print-on-demand formats. BWM, whose services span all aspects of the publishing process, has used Pressbooks to streamline production and formatting for around 25 more →

Server Fixed?

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Server Troubles

Hi all, we had some server troubles this morning, and we’re working on fixing things. Everything is a bit odd at the moment, but we hope to have it resolved soon. If you have questions please email:

New Kids’ Book Theme: Sabatini

Writing a tale of swashbuckling, legend, historical romance or adventure? You may want to wrap it in our new Sabatini theme, a children’s-literature-friendly layout named for Italian-British writer Raphael Sabatini, the author of Scaramouche. The title font is IM Fell English, by Igino Marini. This theme is perfect for kids’ and young adult books. See our Pressbooks more →

Pressbooks June News

Dear Pressbookers, We’ve got new features, new themes and new partnerships to announce, along with an expanded guide on how to use Pressbooks, and last but not least, a discount on PDF exports. 1. New themes 2. Improved image editing 3. New Guide chapters 4. Q&A: Pressbooks user Inglath Cooper 5. Pressbooks in the news more →