Support policies & resources

This page contains Pressbooks’ official support policy for each of our software offerings and is revised as needed. This policy was last revised on June 8, 2020. users/self-published authors

We do not provide personalized general and/or technical support for users/self-published authors. We do, however, maintain self-help resources for Pressbooks users of all levels. The Pressbooks HelpDesk resources are designed for users who are just starting out with Pressbooks or have general questions about our software. Our user guide covers every aspect of writing your book, from getting started with Pressbooks to exporting and publishing the finished product. Our YouTube channel features a range of videos covering various aspects of our software, from short ‘how-to’ videos to longer product demonstrations and webinars. We also host a general user forum, where you can converse with other Pressbooks users.

We do not issue refunds for purchases or book upgrades. Prices, features, and details of our product offerings are explained clearly on our website. Please refer to this document prior to making a purchase.

If you cannot activate or are unable to log in to your account, or wish to delete your account, please use our ‘Account issues’ submission form

If you believe you have found a bug in our software, please use our ‘Report a bug’ submission form or open an issue in GitHub

Pressbooks users with access through an enterprise network

We host enterprise Pressbooks networks for knowledge-producing organizations (often colleges or universities). Institutions which purchase enterprise hosting from Pressbooks can designate a limited number of network managers; i.e. users with special abilities to configure access, administer user and book accounts, and provide front-line support for end users. 

Pressbooks’ support team provides training and premium support to network managers on hosted Pressbooks networks. Support requests submitted via email by network managers typically receive a response within 2 business days. We do our best to answer all support queries from network managers, though we cannot offer comprehensive assistance regarding questions outside of Pressbooks’ core capabilities (like advanced queries about HTML, CSS, LaTeX, or third party tools). Network managers are also encouraged to refer to the network manager’s guide and to participate in the community of practice we maintain. 

Pressbooks does not provide direct personalized support to end users on hosted networks. End users on hosted enterprise networks should contact their network managers with support questions and account problems. If you would like to get in touch with your network manager, or are unsure who to contact for support assistance at your institution, you can use our Pressbooks support submission form.

Pressbooks public users

We have a reseller partnership with BiblioLabs, a company which provides Pressbooks Public (a version of Pressbooks designed for public libraries) through their BiblioBoard subscription program. We do not provide support to Pressbooks Public users. Pressbooks Public users should direct their support questions to BiblioBoard.

Open source users

Pressbooks is free and open source software released under the GPL v3.0 license, which means that anyone is welcome to download the source code and install Pressbooks wherever they would like. We do not provide personalized support to open source users. Open source users can find documentation, installation instructions, and contribution guidelines at, and are invited to participate in our Pressbooks user forum, contribute to the project on GitHub, and make use of our guides & tutorials.