Getting Your Book Published

What Pressbooks can do for you: book production

Pressbooks is a book formatting software you can use to generate beautiful book files: ebooks for Kindle Direct Publishing and other ebookstores, and interior file PDFs for print-on-demand stores like CreateSpace, or distributors like IngramSpark — all without the need for you to pay a book designer or ebook developer.

If you use Pressbooks, you can publish your book anywhere and everywhere. And we don’t take any royalties.

After Pressbooks: selling your eBooks

You can take two routes to publishing and selling your ebooks: upload them yourself to the various ebook stores and print-on-demand, or use a distributor who will do it for you for a fee. Here are the main ebook stores you’ll want to get into:

  • Amazon KDP: get your ebooks straight into Kindle. It’s easy.
  • Kobo Writing Life: get your ebooks straight into the Kobo store. It’s easy.
  • Apple (ug): it’s kinda complicated to get your books into Apple’s iBooks store.
  • There are many other ebook stores–you can submit directly but might consider using a distributor to get into them.

Book distributors

If you don’t want the hassle of getting your books into stores yourself, you can get a distributor to do it for you. Here are some of the companies we recommend:

  • Ingram Spark: print-on-demand fulfillment/distribution (They will also do ebook distribution into Amazon and most ebookstores.)
  • Smashwords: the grandaddy of indie author ebook distribution (If you distribute into Smashwords and Amazon, your book will be available to readers in most channels.)


Here are two options for getting your book in print-on-demand distribution:

If you’d like more information about the process involved in self-publishing, download our free ebook, The Indie Author’s Guide to Self-Publishing.

Or, watch the tutorial below:

Pressbooks Partners

Pressbooks is a software that you can use to affordably convert your book to the files you need to self-publish. Using Pressbooks can potentially save you thousands of dollars on ebook development and graphic design. Pressbooks is a self-service platform. However, if you want to hire someone to help you use Pressbooks or to guide you through other parts of the self-publishing process, here are a few professionals we recommend.

Layout in Pressbooks

If you prefer someone to format your book for you, we recommend Handsome Formatting and Interbridge.

Editorial services

Getting your book edited professionally is well worth the cost. Whether you need copyediting, proofreading, or full developmental editing, our favourite editorial service is BubbleCow. BubbleCow provides “publisher standard” editing and proofreading for self-published writers. Since 2007, they have successfully edited more than 1,000 books from all genres.

Cover design

Pressbooks’ PDF+EBOOK Pro plans now come with a cover generator feature that you can use to create both ebook and print book covers that meet these complex industry specifications. Print book covers especially can be complex to design because they include the front, back and spine and are sized specifically based on your book’s trim size and page count. If you have a high-res ebook cover, our cover generator can turn it into a print-ready cover. If you prefer a custom-designed cover for your book, we recommend hiring a professional to do this.

Professional author services

Bibliocrunch is one of the best places to connect with a variety of trusted publishing professionals–editors, cover designers, marketers and and other consultants–who can help bring your project to fruition. In particular, we recommend their new ebook, A Self-Publishing Guide for NaNoWriMo writers (sign up to get the free download).

Pre-marketing and crowdfunding

On Unbound, authors can compete for crowd funding and support in order to get their books published.