Pressbooks Community Impact: 2023

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We’ve reached that time of year where we look back on everything we achieved within the past 12 months: what did we accomplish, what did we learn, what impact did we make. And there are a lot of ways to measure impact in the Pressbooks community. Our users have had a busy 2023 and we wanted to make sure we brought attention to their hard work supporting the creation of impactful learning materials.

Nearly 9,000 creators from across 500+ institutions have created learning materials that span a variety of disciplines including, but not limited to, media and communications, college success, anatomy, psychology, nursing, HR, economics, and the arts. Collectively their materials have received over 126 million page views, reached more than 64 million visitors, and been downloaded nearly three million times.

Then there are things the Pressbooks community has done that you won’t see in these numbers. They’ve fought for underrepresented voices, championed the creation of affordable, inclusive learning materials, and prioritized improving student success. They’ve also added more than 1,000 titles to the Pressbooks Directory, helping to make it a rich and thriving catalog of content that now has over 6,000 titles, almost 30% of which are enriched with interactivity.

We’re deeply grateful for everything the Pressbooks community has done. Thank you, and here’s to an amazing 2024!

Pressbooks usage infographic for 2023

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Featured image photo by Engin Akyurt on Unsplash