Guides and Tutorials

User guides

The Pressbooks User Guide goes into depth on both basic and advanced features of Pressbooks, such as creating footnotes, setting up a table of contents, editing your book’s CSS, and testing your ebook across multiple platforms. It also has a section with comprehensive instructions on how to use Pressbooks features that are specific to educational publishing.

The Pressbooks Network Manager’s Guide is designed specifically for PressbooksEDU network managers and contains everything you need to know about administering your institution’s network. 

Pressbooks knowledge base

You can also search our knowledge base for articles that will show you how to use the most essential features of Pressbooks.

Tutorial videos

Our YouTube channel features tutorial videos on standard functions in Pressbooks.

It also includes a growing collection of tutorial videos on PressbooksEDU features. You can find those in this playlist. This PressbooksEDU Demo may also help you get started.

Help with OER publishing

Many people have created resources for how to publish open educational resources, or OER, using Pressbooks as a platform. We’ve compiled a list of such resources in the Pressbooks User Guide.

Share an Idea

Share your suggestions, and interact with members of the Pressbooks community