Custom Design

PressBooks is driven by customizable templates: build a template once, and export as many times as you want in every format (EPUB, MOBI, PDF), and books/documents will come out with the correct design specs. Correct your document once, re- export in all formats. We offer free templates for users, and design custom templates for clients.

Custom Design

PressBooks can design custom templates to your specifications, for PDF, EPUB/MOBI and web outputs. A custom theme ensures house style every time.

Cost: starts at $2,500/template.



Examples of Custom Template

PressBooks works with publishers to produce custom templates that match their needs. See below for some examples.


The Technology & Social Change Group at the University of Washington Information School, template for PDF / EPUB and MOBI /web research reports. Sample images below:

Tascha Contents Page

Connell Guides.

Connell Guides produces short, literate guides to plays and other classics of literature. Template for PDF/EPUB/MOBI + Web.

Connell Contents
connell textbox


Examples of Free Templates:

Out of the box PressBooks comes with five themes: Luther, Austen, Clarke, Donham, and Fitzgerald.


This is a classic template, built for novels, memoirs and text-heavy books. You can download examples (PDF/EPUB/MOBI) of the Austen theme here.



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