Pressbooks online book publishing software creates all the files you need to publish your book:

Pressbooks is free to use with Pressbooks watermarks in EPUB, MOBI and PDF exports.

To remove the watermarks, you can upgrade (see pricing below). You can also hire us to make sure your book looks perfect (including designing custom themes).

See below for our pricing schedule, and if you have questions, please get in touch.

Full-Conversion Service
(one-time fee per book)
(one-time fee per book)
(one-time fee per book)
  • remove watermarks in EPUB
  • remove watermarks in MOBI
  • 25MB of storage (images etc)
  • remove watermarks in EPUB
  • remove watermarks in MOBI
  • remove watermarks in PDF
  • 250MB of storage (images etc)
  • you send us a Word, Open Office, Pages manuscript
  • OR you send us a completed EPUB
  • we set up your book & export your files
  • you can edit & export as you like

*Prices go up for more complex books. Contact us for details.

NOTE: All prices are a one-time fee, per book.

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With Pressbooks, the cost of publishing a book–with print and ebook–can be as low as $100. For help with how to write and publish an ebook using Pressbooks, go here.