New Tutorial: Intro to Adding and Editing Images

In this week’s addition to our video series, we present a brief introduction to the basics of adding and editing images to your book in Pressbooks. Sample image photo credit: Luke,Ma via photopin cc

Organizing Your Writing With Parts and Chapters

Our Pressbooks tutorial library has expanded again, this time with a new video on using the parts and chapters features to help structure your book. Check it out at this link or below.    

New Tutorial: Inserting Metadata Into Your Book

If you’re not sure where to insert your book metadata, our newest tutorial will help. Including metadata in your book file and in the bookstores is a crucial step to connecting your book with interested readers and elevating your book’s discoverability. Watch the video to learn how and where to insert your book metadata using

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Video: How to Publish Your Book in Kobo

Kobo is one of the most popular international ebookstores, one you may want to add to your distribution. This quick video will show you how to publish your book in the Kobo store.

Video: How to Get Your Book Into the Kindle Store

Wondering what to do after Pressbooks? Getting your book into bookstores is the next step. This is a relatively easy process that in most cases, you can do yourself. For Kindle, the next step to publishing in the Kindle store is to upload the Mobi file via the Kindle interface. This video shows you how

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New Video: Editing Your Book CSS

Ever wondered how to customize the look of your book just a little more, or even start from scratch with a design personalized to you? The latest in our video series is a brief introduction that shows how to get into your CSS in Pressbooks and format your book so you can make the look

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New Tutorials: Design and Export Your Book for Bookstores

Wondering how to get your book out of Pressbooks so you can upload it into the bookstores? Our latest tutorial video will show you how. And before you export, choose your book’s design by applying a theme. Tutorial here: Have a function in Pressbooks you’d like demystified? Email liz@pressbooks.com and we’ll consider your suggestion for

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New Video: Using the Text Editor

Ebooks are essentially websites, made up of code. Pressbooks creates that code for you. But if you want to see or adjust it, here’s how to do so, using the Text Editor feature in Pressbooks.

More Videos! Adding a Copyright Notice & Changing Privacy Settings

We’ve just released more how-tos, on how to add a copyright notice to your book and how to adjust your Web book’s privacy settings in Pressbooks. You can view these and other tutorials on the Pressbooks’ YouTube channel. Or, watch below:

Building Your Book: Editing Text and Code

Now live: The latest installment in our Pressbooks User Guide, on how to use Pressbooks’ visual and text editors to produce your book. The chapter explains the difference between Pressbooks’ two modes of editing, when you might want to use each for different scenarios and how to get the most out of the book formatting menu options.

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