New Young Adult Theme: Irving

Named for Washington Irving, Pressbooks’ newest book theme is perfect for young adult horror fiction and spooky kids’ stories. The title font is Butcherman, by Typomondo. See our Pressbooks Themes page for more free Pressbooks themes.

New Kids’ Book Theme: Sabatini

Writing a tale of swashbuckling, legend, historical romance or adventure? You may want to wrap it in our new Sabatini theme, a children’s-literature-friendly layout named for Italian-British writer Raphael Sabatini, the author of Scaramouche. The title font is IM Fell English, by Igino Marini. This theme is perfect for kids’ and young adult books. See our Pressbooks

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New Children’s Book Design: Cleary

Writing a book for younger readers? Try our new Cleary book design, named after Beverly Cleary. With Griffy as the title font and Neapolitan font for the text, the theme is perfect for fun books that stir children’s imaginations. See our Pressbooks Themes page for more free Pressbooks themes.

New Themes: Asimov & Asimov Color

We just added a new book design theme couple: Asimov and Asimov Color. This theme is built for Scifi of course, but can probably suit a whole bunch of styles from sciencey nonfiction to literary fiction. What would you use it for? It’s named for Isaac Asimov, of course. For the color version of the

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New Theme: Kambar (Tamil)

We have a good number of Tamil users in Pressbooks, and in support of their work we have just released a theme with support for Tamil script, called Kambar (after the medieval Tamil poet). It’s experimental, and out testing abilities are limited, but … let us know what you think. See: Kambar Theme. Like PressBooks

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New Theme: Murakami

We’ve got a new theme for literary and scifi, Murakami, after the Japanese master of literary bizarro creepiness and metaphysical confusion, Haruki Murakmai. Screenshot: And you can test it out on your books at

New Theme: Morrison (for fiction, memoir)

Named for Pulitzer and Nobel-prize winning novelist, Toni Morrison, the Morrison theme is designed to be light and spacious, giving words space to make their impact. It’s intended for fiction, memoirs, personal essays, and suits a range from literary to genres like romance. Built for: fiction, memoir, romance, personal essays. It uses a one font,

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New Theme: Lewis (for nonfiction and fiction)

The Lewis theme for PressBooks, which is a modern, understated theme, built especially for serious nonfiction books, but can handle fiction as well. It’s named for Canadian diplomat, Stephen Lewis, whose book of Massey Lectures, Race Against Time, chronicle his efforts against the AIDS epidemic in Africa. The Lewis theme is a modern, understated theme, built

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New Themes, Nanowrimo Special

Dear PressBookers, This is a boggy version of the PressBooks November 2013 newsletter. Happy November, happy (inter)National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo)!, from all of us at PressBooks. I hope all is going well in the land of writing & book-making. We’ve got some news, features, special promos, and a few other things for you. Here’s what you

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New Theme: Dillard Plain

The Dillard Plain theme, a more understated version of the Dillard Theme, is named after Annie Dillard, whose writings, including The Pilgrim at Tinker’s Creek (1975) and For the Time Being (1999) helped define a new kind of narrative non-fiction, mixing deeply personal, poetic observations with natural history. The Dillard Plain theme is airy and

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