Looking for a CSS-magician.. for EPUB/Web/Print

Are you great at building EPUB CSS? How about Web? PDF? Maybe you can build some templates for PressBooks? If so, we’d like to pay you! Details: background PressBooks is an open source book production platform, built on top of WordPress. We provide PressBooks users with book design templates, which are comprised of three (3)

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PressBooks is now on Github

The PressBooks open source plugin for WordPress has moved to GitHub. You can find us here: https://github.com/pressbooks. When we launched the open source version of the PressBooks WordPress Plugin in February, we put the code up on Google Code, and were using an SVN repository. We did this for a few reasons: while we were

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PressBooks New Feature: Customize Your CSS!

Today we are launching the feature that really reveals the real power of PressBooks: our CSS editor. In this post I’m going to tell you why this is exciting, and give a quick tutorial about how to use the new PressBooks CSS editor. (Caveat: it’s not completely polished… please give us feedback). What Is CSS?

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