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How to Blog a Business-Boosting Book Using Pressbooks

By Nina Amir You have likely heard it said that a book provides the best business card you can hand out. This statement is not an empty claim. Authoring a book makes you an authority on your topic as well as an expert in your field. When it comes to business, this can give you

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Infographic: Advice for Self-Publishing Your Blog as a Book

Last week, we wrote about best practices for creating a book from your blog. Now, we’ve compiled that information into a handy infographic, The Pressbooks Illustrated Guide to Turning Your Blog Into a Book. Find this infographic useful and want to keep it around for reference? You can download and print these tips as a PDF.

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Digital Publishing 101: How and Why to Go Blog to Book

You work hard to produce regular content for your blog and website. So why not get maximum return from your investment of time, money and energy? Give your blog a second life by repurposing (some of) it into book form. Here’s how to do it. Why You Should Turn Your Blog Into a Book First, come up

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