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Hugh McGuire headshot

Hugh McGuire

Hugh has been building web tools and communities that bring books onto the web for a decade. He is the founder of Pressbooks, the co-founder and Executive Director of the Rebus Foundation, and the founder of LibriVox.org and iambik. He is the co-editor of “Book: A Futurist’s Manifesto.”  You can find him at @hughmcguire.

Black and white photo of Ned Zimmerman

Ned Zimmerman

Ned began working on Pressbooks as a freelancer in 2011 while studying theatre at Concordia University in Montréal, and took on the role of lead developer in late 2015. He now lives and works in Halifax, Nova Scotia. When he’s not busy with Pressbooks he runs an artist residency on a remote island on the province’s South Shore.

Elizabeth Mays headshot

Elizabeth Mays

Liz began marketing Pressbooks because she loved using it. With a background in higher ed, she has used Pressbooks as an editor for many books including Media Innovation & Entrepreneurship and A Guide to Making Open Textbooks With Students, among others. She is glad to talk with you about why educators love Pressbooks.

Dac Chartrand headshot

Dac Chartrand

Dac is an experienced developer with a penchant for ebooks and digital sound. He specializes in web applications and back end for mobile applications and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University. His hobbies include swimming, skateboarding, and being a dad. His daughter speaks French, Japanese, and English–one more language than he does.

Daniel Fernandes

Daniel is a recent recipient of a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba’s School of Art. After moving to Montreal from Winnipeg in 2016, he became interested in web development and hopes to further explore the intersections between art, design, and code.

JC Guan headshot

JC Guan

JC started her career as a lawyer, but quickly found her true calling in web UX, analytics, user research, and product development. She previously worked in communications and marketing for a network of law libraries, and holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Montreal and a Diploma in Management from McGill University.

Phil-Nelson headshot

Phil Nelson

Phil is an active contributor to open source software for infrastructure automation and provides related consulting services to Pressbooks. His technical consulting experience is a continuation of a past life in quantitative research and publication, involving a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. Phil is a lover of beaches, canines, and solitude.

Taylor McGrath

Taylor is currently a graduate student in the Master of Publishing program at Simon Fraser University. She holds a honors-designated Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Missouri Western State University, where she concentrated on publishing and technical communication. Her goal is to help normalize openness and accessibility in the scholarly and educational publishing industries.

Steel Wagstaff headshot

Steel Wagstaff

Steel began working with the open-source Pressbooks project in 2015 and joined the Pressbooks team as their educational client manager in late 2018. Steel has a Ph.D. in English Literature and a master’s degree in Library and Information Studies. Outside of work and family, his great loves are poetry (with a special interest in the work of the “Objectivists”), music, DIY/indie web stuff, vegetarian food, and playing pickup soccer.