Pressbooks for multi-institution systems

Enable open digital publishing across your educational communities

Pressbooks is a versatile, user-friendly digital publishing platform used by hundreds of educational institutions to power teaching and learning innovation. Considered essential infrastructure for open education initiatives, educators and learners use it to easily create, share, and adapt digital books and other learning materials.

Why consider Pressbooks for your system or consortium?

Student engagement and success are strategic priorities for virtually every higher education system. Pressbooks opens new possibilities for collaboration and sharing to support initiatives around textbook affordability, accessibility, culturally-relevant
instruction, open pedagogy, localized curriculum, policy development, and more.

Pressbooks Shared Networks

With a Pressbooks Shared Network, members of your system or consortium enjoy a hassle-free, hosted version of the Pressbooks publishing platform, along with a dedicated network catalog to showcase and share work published by your members. Whether you’re adapting digital textbooks for gateway courses, publishing monographs, or iterating on institutional publishing projects, Pressbooks is an optimal tool.

A Pressbooks shared network delivers:

  • Multi-organization access to the Pressbooks platform, which enables creation of fully accessible, interactive digital books in multiple downloadable formats
  • Unlimited users and book limits aligned with your needs
  • Analytics and data downloads to track book views and network usage
  • A single license agreement to simplify procurement for your members
  • Multiple “flavors” of system/consortium agreements to fit your needs, structure, and varying demand for digital publishing across your membership
  • System-friendly add-ons including single sign-on, learning management system integration via LTI, and LMS grade reporting for H5P interactive learning activities

Let Pressbooks take care of the heavy lifting to deliver user-friendly digital publishing, so you can put your focus where it belongs: supporting your members’ success.