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Pressbooks books always look good, in print and on all ebook platforms.

Pressbooks is innovative book production software that allows you to create print-ready PDFs and ebook files from one interface.

The best part? You don’t have to hire freelance designers or ebook developers. You and your staff can easily start producing print-ready books today. And you’ll still get a book that looks like it came from a professional typesetter. Every time.

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Big savings on conversions

Our low rates for print and ebook files will save your bottom line. Ebooks only cost $19.99, and print-ready files only cost $99!

No coding required

Need to create an ebook? Create and edit your files without a line of code or an ebook developer!

All your files in one place

Simply upload your manuscript and export to your desired formats. Pressbooks delivers files for print and ebook editions.

Convert your backlist

Have a backlist or out-of-print titles that need to be digitized? Convert your books to ebooks with the push of a button.

Keep 100% of Net Sales

You keep all royalties and net sales. We take care of the files and you take care of the distribution.

No hidden fees

No matter how many revisions you make, or how many times you export your files, you only pay once.

No waiting for files

Pressbooks lets you produce print and ebook files instantly. No need to wait for typesetters or production staff.

Easy collaboration

The Pressbooks interface lets you add authors and editors so you can quickly and easily update your content.

How publishers use Pressbooks

Sheila Bounford

Newsweek Insights

We’ve been using Pressbooks as our CMS for ebooks (not the magazine of course). The “manage once” yet output to digital (EPUB, mobi) and PDF for print makes for a fast workflow. Sheila Bounford, Publisher

Cocaine HighwayTalking With The DeadLed by the Nose
Will Bergkamp

Augsburg Fortress Publishers

A tool like Pressbooks, that efficiently and consistently outputs the files you need when you need them, takes a major part of waste off the table and allows it to be refocused on the things that really matter.Will Bergkamp, Publisher & General Manager

Postmodernity and UnivocityModern EnglishBodies of Peace
Mink Choi

Thought Catalog

We love Pressbooks — since it’s built on WordPress, it’s so easy for us to use, and the ebook and PDF outputs are beautiful. Mink Choi, Book Publisher at Thought Catalog

Human ElementI love youMurmurs