For Academia

PressbooksEDU can turn any faculty, department or library into a mini-publisher.

Using PressbooksEDU, educators can create books that are accessible on all platforms: in print, and on all smartphones, tablets, Kindles and computers. In addition to supporting open textbooks and open educational resources projects, Pressbooks is already working in academia, by powering the publication of scholarly monographs, course texts, dissertations and other documents. Pressbooks clients include The University of Minnesota Press, Tufts University School of Medicine, Michigan Publishing at the University of Michigan Library, Harvard Business Review Press and Fortress Press.


Streamline publishing operations

No need for a graphic designer, ebook developer or deep technical skills to produce textbooks and course materials.

Produce course texts rapidly

Design print, ebooks and webbooks instantly. Update and republish them easily.

Create open textbooks

Make education more affordable for your students with rapid textbook publication by your faculty.

Host books on a central, branded platform

Students can access the books your institution publishes on the Web from your own instance of Pressbooks.

Not just for books

Pressbooks is the ideal tool for producing scholarly monographs, gray publishing and more.

Get enterprise-level support

PressbooksEDU plans come with extra-speedy support turnaround.

Here are some educational institutions that are using Pressbooks to provide alternative publishing solutions:

  • BC Campus, which uses Pressbooks as a platform for faculty to produce Open Textbooks
  • Fortress Press, which produces more than 100 scholarly monographs every year on Pressbooks, producing print and ebooks.
  • Michigan Publishing (at the University of Michigan), which uses Pressbooks for a number of applications, including scholarly monographs and gray publishing.
  • Tufts University School of Medicine, which uses Pressbooks to produce faculty-developed course textbooks.
  • University of Minnesota Press, which uses Pressbooks to produce their Forerunners series of digital humanities scholarship.