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Pressbooks makes it easy to collect, combine, create, and customize educational resources so students can read and interact with their material online, offline, in the classroom, or at home. Individual faculty members or small groups of open textbook authors can now purchase a license to create a single book hosted on a shared network and include Pressbooks EDU features (including H5P, Hypothesis, MathJax, and more).

This option is intended for OER advocates at institutions with nascent open education programs, small schools with limited OER budgets, or administrators looking to pilot Pressbooks supported publishing and/or courseware creation programs without committing to a full enterprise plan. To find out more, contact us.

PressbooksEDU for Faculty Authors

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From the moment my students and I built our first co-authored OER course book using Pressbooks, I was hooked. Now, all of my courses are organized around student-created course communities that live inside Pressbooks-based shells, and every semester we curate in the best student-generated content for the benefit of the next cohort of learners. We share all of this into the knowledge commons, and these “textbooks” are more alive and rigorous and engaging than any commercial books I’ve used in the past. I appreciate the open source ethics at the heart of the technology, and the collegial interest the staff takes in collaborating with educators, too. I’m really grateful for their contributions to open education!
Robin DeRosa
Director of Interdisciplinary Studies, Plymouth State University, and Open Education Advocate
I wrote Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers initially as a Google Doc for a set of classes we were running as part of a project. We shifted it to Pressbooks partially so that faculty could link to specific sections from their course LMS. What has been most rewarding about the Pressbooks platform is the "bookness" of it. The faculty and students we work with are already entering into an area unfamiliar to them. They don't want just a website, they want a book -- something ordered and sequenced to give the best possible overview of the subject in the time they have. But of course they also want a website as well, the ability to customize readings, to mix and weave the work into their class. Pressbooks is one of the few platforms I've seen that understands what people love about books and infuses that into a web native platform. From the page sequencing to the offline output options, we're able to provide our faculty and students the benefits of a book format while preserving the conveniences and connectivity of the web.
Mike Caulfield
Director of Blended and Networked Learning, Washington State University Vancouver