Pressbooks for EDU Institutions

Directory, Authoring & Editing Platform, and Results for LMS—Infrastructure for the creation and delivery of online learning resources

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User and Author Freedom Faculty are free to license & distribute however they choose.

Customization Openly licensed content is adaptable for any classroom.

Accessibility We conform with WCAG 2.0 at the AA level and support the creation of resources that are accessible to all learners.

Interoperability We conform with IMS and W3C standards to ensure interoperability, creating a resilient system that educational institutions can count on.

Directory Authoring & Editing Platform Results for LMS
Discover new content Write new content or import & edit Secure LTI 1.3 advantage connection to LMS
Filter by license Add accessible math notation Student interactions display
Find interactive OER Include audio and visual content Analytics
Import content Add assessment with H5P
Create an online social annotation space with Hypothesis
Export in 10+ formats
Free and open Free and open to host yourself or yearly fee for hosted by Pressbooks. Comes with SSO and support. FTE-based yearly service fee
Use a beta of the directory Contact us Schedule a demo

What’s Included?

With an annual plan, we provide hosting, maintenance, backups, security, and updates, as well as premium training and support for your organization. PressbooksEDU SaaS plans include:



Best-in-class infrastructure, optimized for Pressbooks to ensure top performance


Automatic updates

Automatically updated software, with the latest releases, patches, and bug fixes applied



Thrice-daily backups of your network and its content



Knowledgeable technical and client support for network managers



Extensive ongoing training for network managers and users across your institution


Open Communication

We listen closely to input from our EDU clients, particularly when it comes to feature development and prioritization.

Interested in 

If you are interested in PressbooksEDU for your university, or would like a demo of PressbooksEDU features, get in touch.

Clients who love Pressbooks

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PressbooksEDU is problem-solving in open textbook production. That's why we've used it to produce our Open Textbook Network guides, and offer a sandbox space and discount to our members.
Karen Lauritsen
Managing Director, Open Textbook Network
It’s the community of folks working on the codebase, and working with OER inside of Pressbooks, that makes it a solid choice for us to begin our own OER initiative with.
Billy Meinke
OER Technologist, University of Hawaii
Pressbooks helps straighten the learning curve for educators writing open textbooks. It eases many of the tricky formatting issues, allowing educators to concentrate on curating content and setting the context for their course resources. Built on the power of WordPress, it continues to harness plugins that enhance learning and empower educators.
Peggy French
Program Manager, eCampusOntario
Pressbooks is a powerful tool in our arsenal of support for open projects. It provides a user-friendly entry point for authors, reviewers, and collaborators. Whether it’s a textbook, anthology, curated collection, lab manual, or workbook, Pressbooks enables creative course materials that we all can be proud of.
Alexis Clifton
Executive Director, SUNY OER Services