Changes at Pressbooks

At the end of September 2022, we stopped hosting books at and, two legacy Pressbooks instances that had been created for individual self-publishers. Before deleting any content, we emailed all users several times with clear instructions for backing up desired content and offered free migration services to our new subscription product for individuals at We migrated more than 3,000 books to the new service, including all of the public, openly licensed books that had been created at


I requested migration for my book but can’t find it or am having trouble logging in to my book dashboard?

All migrated books are now hosted at new URLs that follow this format: All existing books that were migrated to the new network are redirected to their new URLs. To access the book dashboard for a migrated book, you’ll need to log in at (rather than Your username and password may be different on this network than they were previously. To reset your password, visit 

I created a book project on and didn’t respond to any of the emails about the impending deletion. What happened to my book?

If you created a book without a Creative Commons license and didn’t request migration before September 29, that book has been deleted and cannot be recovered.

I published an open textbook on (i.e., a public book with a Creative Commons license). Can students still access my book even if I didn’t purchase a subscription?

Yes! It’s important to us that students and educators using your OER continue to have access to their course materials. 

If you created a book that was placed in the public domain or published with a Creative Commons license, that book was automatically migrated to the new service with redirects that ensure visitors won’t get lost. Pressbooks will continue to host these books in a read-only state at no charge as a public good.

If you want to make edits to a read-only book, you will need to upgrade to one of our subscription plans for as long as you need to make edits or generate exports. Books that are public and openly licensed will still be preserved in a read-only state at no charge after their subscriptions are cancelled.

I’m an individual who wants to publish a book with Pressbooks. What are my options?

The easiest way for individual authors to start using Pressbooks is to create a free account at You can create or clone new books here and start a free 7-day trial before deciding whether or not you’d like to purchase a subscription for your book. We offer two subscription plans, one designed for self-publishers and another designed for educators:

We also offer an enterprise SaaS hosting option for institutions or individuals who want to publish many books. Contact us to learn more:

Because Pressbooks is open-source software, you can also host and maintain your own instance: Please note that this option requires considerable technical expertise.     

What features are available to authors on now?

The new service includes several new features that are important to educators and self-published authors:

  1. The ability to adapt openly licensed books using Pressbooks’ cloning tool
  2. The ability to see page view analytics for your book within the book dashboard
  3. The ability to let readers download export files from your book’s homepage
  4. The ability to build interactive quizzes and other interactive elements using H5P
  5. The opportunity to have your book included in Pressbooks Directory

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