New Young Adult Theme: Irving

Named for Washington Irving, Pressbooks’ newest book theme is perfect for young adult horror fiction and spooky kids’ stories. The title font is Butcherman, by Typomondo. See our Pressbooks Themes page for more free Pressbooks themes.

New Kids’ Book Theme: Sabatini

Writing a tale of swashbuckling, legend, historical romance or adventure? You may want to wrap it in our new Sabatini theme, a children’s-literature-friendly layout named for Italian-British writer Raphael Sabatini, the author of Scaramouche. The title font is IM Fell English, by Igino Marini. This theme is perfect for kids’ and young adult books. See our Pressbooks

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New Children’s Book Design: Cleary

Writing a book for younger readers? Try our new Cleary book design, named after Beverly Cleary. With Griffy as the title font and Neapolitan font for the text, the theme is perfect for fun books that stir children’s imaginations. See our Pressbooks Themes page for more free Pressbooks themes.

Create interior PDFs for Print on Demand

Australian self-publishing guru Emily Craven, of E-Book Revolution, has made a wonderful video that explains how she used Pressbooks to produce the PDFs she needed to get her book into a Print-on-Demand service, meaning that her books are not just available as ebooks, but as paper books too. Here is a video she produced, walking

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Looking for a CSS-magician.. for EPUB/Web/Print

Are you great at building EPUB CSS? How about Web? PDF? Maybe you can build some templates for PressBooks? If so, we’d like to pay you! Details: background PressBooks is an open source book production platform, built on top of WordPress. We provide PressBooks users with book design templates, which are comprised of three (3)

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