What is Pressbooks?

Pressbooks is an online book-publishing platform that makes educational resources free and accessible. Get started quickly by adapting an existing work and customizing it for your class.

Why adapt with Pressbooks?

Lower education costs for students

Students can access Pressbooks for free, saving them from paying for costly textbooks.

Better learning outcomes

Interactive content, accessibility features, and built-in coursework keep students engaged and result in learning outcomes that are as good or better than traditional textbooks.

Build upon existing work

Open licenses allow users to build upon each other’s work, whether you want to create a localized version, tailor the material to your course, or add to an existing resource.

How does it work?

Pressbooks allows users to publish textbooks, guides, and other open educational resources (OER). Rather than applying a traditional copyright, users typically opt for an open license—a less restrictive option that can allow for a work to be duplicated and modified, opening the door to infinite collaborative possibilities. You can find thousands of OER in Pressbooks Directory.

The Pressbooks software is easy to use, open source, and designed by and for educators. It’s based on WordPress, so it may feel familiar already. Authors can embed media such as streaming videos or interactive elements like self-assessment quizzes. There’s even the option to connect Pressbooks to your Learning Management System (LMS), making it a powerful all-in-one courseware package.

Learners enjoy free access to educational resources, engaging and interactive content, and better accessibility features than with physical textbooks.

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