Pressbooks Open Source Plugin

Pressbooks is a GPL-licensed plugin that transforms a WordPress Multi-Site install into a book production Content Management System, which exports in multiple formats: ebooks, webbooks, print-ready PDF*, and various XML flavours. Pressooks makes significant changes to:

  • admin interface (customized for books and structured documents)
  • web presentation layer (customized for books and structured documents); and
  • export routines.

PressBooks web/ebook and PDF* exports are all driven by HTML+CSS. XML outputs have no styling.

Pressbooks is free software, released under the GPL v.2.0 license.

*Note: we use the non-free software PrinceXML for PDF export.

Download the Latest Pressbooks Plugin on Github

You can find the latest plugin on Github:

If you are not sure about running and maintaining your own Pressbooks install, or want the extra sauce that comes from us running it for you, contact us about pricing. If you are just looking at producing one or a handful of books, we suggest you sign up to use