Infographic: 3 Simple Ways to Distribute and Publish Your Book

Last week, we wrote about how and where to distribute and publish your book. This week, we’ve produced a handy infographic with the simplest path to distributing and publishing your book. Want to keep this for reference? You can download and print the quick-reference guide to book publishing and distribution. To learn more about how to

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How to Self-Publish Your Book in Ebookstores and in Print

You’ve written your book and created the book files you’ll need to self-publish (MOBI for Kindle, EPUB for all other ebookstores and PDF for print). The hardest task of self-publishing is behind you! But a sometimes-mystifying task is still ahead. Next, you’ll want to distribute your book.  If, like many of our readers, you used, your publishing options

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Create interior PDFs for Print on Demand

Australian self-publishing guru Emily Craven, of E-Book Revolution, has made a wonderful video that explains how she used Pressbooks to produce the PDFs she needed to get her book into a Print-on-Demand service, meaning that her books are not just available as ebooks, but as paper books too. Here is a video she produced, walking

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