Pressbooks for Self-Publishers

Pressbooks is a DIY book design and production software that you can use to format your books for ebook stores and print-on-demand services.

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Pressbooks lets you create beautiful books.

Just put your manuscript or content into Pressbooks, click a few buttons, and get a book that looks like it came from a professional book designer.

You can take the files you produce on Pressbooks and publish your book with your preferred ebook store and/or print-on-demand service: Lulu, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, IngramSpark, Apple iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Google Play, and more. You keep 100% of your rights and royalties.

Interested in Pressbooks?

Pressbooks is built for all kinds of books, including novels, memoirs, nonfiction, academic texts, white papers, literary journals, textbooks, and more. Pressbooks is free to try on private books.

Our Plans


Pressbooks Free

  • 5 MB of storage
  • Try Pressbooks features
  • Create a book
  • Revise, export, and preview files
  • Add collaborators
  • See if Pressbooks is right for you
Free (no credit card required)


  • Remove watermarks in EPUB
  • Remove watermarks in MOBI
  • Option to make webbook public
  • Watermark-free ebook cover exports from Pressbooks’ cover generator
  • 25MB of storage
$19.99 (one-time, per book)


  • Remove watermarks in EPUB & MOBI
  • Remove watermarks in PDF
  • Option to make webbook public
  • Watermark-free ebook & print book cover exports
  • 250MB of storage
$99 (one-time, per book)

Pressbooks Enterprise

  • Your own standalone Pressbooks network
  • Optimized with educational features
  • Can be branded to your university or institution
  • Hosted, maintained, and updated by Pressbooks
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What I’ve loved about Pressbooks is the ability that it gives me to edit constantly, and anytime something comes up that I want to change in a book that’s already out, it’s just incredibly easy to make a change to the file and re-upload it.
Inglath Cooper
RITA-Award-winning Author
Pressbooks is still one of my fave tools to recommend to self-pub authors.
Jane Friedman
Author and Self-publishing Guru
I can't thank Pressbooks enough for the amazing service provided to indie authors! I followed the easy instructions and created a personalized, standout novel in just a few clicks! Now, I have full control over every aspect of creating a book, and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks, Pressbooks.
Ashley Fontainne
Author and Podcaster
Daraja Press has published a wide range of books using Pressbooks. It’s highly recommended for independent publishers who want to produce quality publications — ready-to-print, ebooks and PDFs — with ease and speed. The system enables online collaboration with authors and editors. And the quality of support is outstanding.
Firoze Manji
Publisher, Daraja Press