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Pressbooks Q3 Roadmap Forecast

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We’ve just completed our quarterly planning meeting. Here’s a review of our year so far and a glimpse of the features we’ll be working on in Q3.

We’ve introduced a TON of improvements in the past two quarters, as part of an array of custom development contracts.

In Q1, we:

  • redesigned the Pressbooks webbook
  • introduced the new customizable network theme (Aldine)
  • added two new themes designed for academic use
  • added a new contributor management feature
  • added support for chapter-level importing from Pressbooks
  • improved the accessibility of our Organize page
  • added support for interactive elements and the H5P plugin

As we close out Q2, we are finishing up the following improvements:  

  • LTI integration, via Common Cartridge, starting with Moodle and Canvas
  • CAS integration (one of several single sign-on methods we’ll be adding)
  • adding the QuickLatex plugin to improve math formula display
  • improving the functionality and display of our tables with the addition of the TablePress plugin
  • working on a process for handling premium plugins and plugin feature requests

Q3 is going to be about improvements to our overall infrastructure and processes, which will make it far easier to add features in the future.

On the horizon, we will be:

  • improving support for shortcodes, to make it easier to import content from Word files into Pressbooks.
  • adding Shibboleth as an SSO authentication method
  • doing R&D into analytics (If you’d like to fund the work that results from this, please reach out to
  • converting seven more of our themes to enable the new, more user-friendly theme options
  • continuing to make improvements to how we handle spam on our networks
  • improving the LTI integration built in Q2
  • keeping our eye on WordPress’ Gutenberg update, as it may affect Pressbooks

Most important, we’ll be doing some general housekeeping, making improvements to our infrastructure, internal dev and management processes, testing and release cycle, and user experience.

Have questions about any of these upcoming additions or want to provide input about what you need from one of the features above? Or, would you like a hosted PressbooksEDU network with these new features? Get in touch!