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Improvements to Cloning, Tables, Navigation, Media Metadata & More in PressbooksEDU

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We’re always trying to make your Pressbooks experience better—more user-friendly, more customizable, and more enjoyable.

You can look forward to a few improvements to changes on Pressbooks, coming out today. Read on for details.

Improved Book Cloning

We’ve come a long way since we first rolled out the cloning feature for PressbooksEDU networks in August 2017. We’ve been working hard to improve it since then. Today’s update will bring you:

Cloned media. Now, when you clone a public, openly licensed book from another network or your own, all of the media files from the original book’s media will also import with the book. Previously, cloned books would only retain images. Now, videos, audio files and other media files will also come over.  

Internal links. Internal links in cloned books will now be automatically converted to point to the newly-cloned book. URLs will undergo this action as part of the cloning process, so that manual conversion isn’t necessary.

More accurate source comparison. We’ve improved the source comparison tool so that readers can more easily see the differences between the original source book and a cloned book when the user has enabled source comparison on their cloned webbook. Word counts on source books will now be more accurate too, as we’ve eliminated some of the factors affecting markup differences.

Improved source comparison in the PressbooksEDU cloning feature

Addition of TablePress

TablePress will now be available on PressbooksEDU networks.

TablePress makes it much easier to create larger, more complex tables, with more interactive functionality, such as the ability to sort by column.

To use it, activate the TablePress plugin on your book.

Adding a new table in TablePress

New Media Attributions Display Options

Pressbooks users can now format media attributions in their books in a standardized way.

You can now add more comprehensive metadata and attribution information to image files in your Media Library.

To make this information display publicly, check the Media Attributions setting under Theme Options.

With this box checked, the information will display at the end of each chapter after your body text and before your footnotes.

Shows the media attributions setting with a checkbox selected to display attributions at the end of a chapter.

This feature is helpful for users who, for example, are creating textbooks and may be using a large quantity of images from different sources, or for users who are creating open textbooks that want to easily embed the metadata for those who may clone and remix the book.

More information on this feature can be found at

Thanks to Brad Payne and Alex Paredes at BCcampus for building this feature.

Other Improvements

With this release, Pressbooks is also:

  • Fixing the icon size on collapsible chapter subsections
  • Generating a smaller cover image for the book homepage
  • Improving the design of the navigation links on the webbook for more logical navigation through front matter and back matter
  • Improving navigation links for visual clarity and accessibility by moving the cues to the bottom of the screen
  • Updating our Thema integration to Thema version 1.3.0, which includes French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese translations for subject matter categories

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