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We’re Changing Our Policies to Serve You Better

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Starting July 5, we’re making a change in our policy that will allow us to improve Pressbooks and continue to offer you the best service we can.

Spammers cause a surprising amount of strain on our server and business, which takes valuable resources away from serving YOU, our loyal authors and core clientele.

To discourage use of our platform by spammers, we’ll be changing how Pressbooks works.

What’s changing?

In all new books created on Pressbooks, the webbook will now be private by default. The ability to make your webbook public will now be included when you upgrade to the EBOOK Pro Plan or the PDF + EBOOK Pro Plan.

There’s still no charge to try out Pressbooks – and you can still decide when you’d like to upgrade for ad-free exports, public webbooks, and more storage. Going forward, the only difference is that the trial will be in private mode.

What about books you already have but have not upgraded? Will they become private?

Nope! All the public books you already have on will stay public. Only books made after July 5 will be affected by this change.

How does this benefit you?

  • Our developers will have more bandwidth to update Pressbooks, build new features, and improve our themes.
  • Our support staff will be better able to serve you.

Why the change?

By making all webbooks private until users upgrade, our hope is that spammers will be discouraged from flooding our system with books that violate our terms of service. Without daily copyright infringement notices and spam books to delete, and similar issues to deal with, we’ll have more time to help you and make the improvements you’ve been wanting.  

We believe these changes will help us develop more of the features you’ve asked for and also enable us to grow in the way we need to in order to support you and all users of Pressbooks better.

Thank you for using Pressbooks!