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Update: OEN member discount continued and refreshed

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Pressbooks offers institutional and allied members of OEN 30% off single-institution Pressbooks networks

Together, Pressbooks and the Open Education Network are working to grow sustainable open online learning ecosystems. When you take advantage of this opportunity to purchase Pressbooks, your institution invests in open education infrastructure that respects user and faculty freedom, powers accessible learning, and furthers the work of open education leaders. This opportunity is driven by the Open Education Network’s mission to help higher education institutions advance their use of open textbooks and practices.

Learn more about the Pressbooks features available for Pressbooks Create on our website. See examples of Pressbooks books by browsing the Pressbooks Directory. Please note: the Directory is still in beta while we work with our clients to improve the metadata of their books. 

Pressbooks Features

  • Ability to quickly clone/remix openly licensed content and produce downloadable book exports in 10+ formats (including PDF, EPUB, MOBI, XHTML, HTMLBook, ODT, XML, Thin Common Cartridge with weblinks)
  • Ability to create and publish an unlimited number of books to the web
  • Single-sign-on (SSO) using SAML and CAS protocols.
  • EDU-specific integrations: 
    • H5P (build 40+ types of interactive activities, including quizzes)
    • Hypothesis (enable web annotation for all/parts of books)
    • MathJax (render LaTeX, AsciiMath, MathML with MathJax in webbook)
    • TablePress (create sortable, filterable, searchable interactive tables)
    • Google Analytics (sends information about network visits and file downloads to a single Google Analytics account owned by client) 
    • Network analytics (for network managers) 
  • Brandable platform and catalog 
  • Enterprise-level hosting with ongoing maintenance, patches, updates, and 3x daily backups.
  • Premium support with training webinars, online documentation, & video tutorials

Pressbooks Add-Ons

  • LTI Connection to the LMS: Integrate Pressbooks with a learning management system (LMS) through a secure LTI connection
  • Pressbooks Results: record student grade information for H5P activities in the LMS gradebook

Contact our sales team for more details. In the comments field of our contact form, please mention that you are an OEN member.