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Join Us for Open Education Week: Language Diversity Showcase

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Every year since 2013, the open education community comes together for one week to celebrate open education. This year Pressbooks is contributing to that celebration with a presentation: Diversity of Language in Open Educational Resources. 

Please join us at 3pm EST on Thursday, March 5 for a 1-hour presentation. We’ve asked a few members of the community to talk about the open projects that they’ve participated in creating: 

Adeola Agoke, Acting Language Program Director, Department of African Cultural Studies, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Alexis Lecomte, Development Officer – Continuous Quality Assurance, Bureau du Développement Pédagogique, Collège La Cité

You’ll also hear from myself and Steel Wagstaff as we describe what tools are available in Pressbooks for your program and OER production programs around the world to create resources in different languages. 

Visit the Open Education Week website to view details about the webinar: 

We hope to see you there!